There are several reasons why you should soundproof your basement. Perhaps you would like to utilize it as a game room for your children, home theatre, or even a recording studio. Doing this is extremely doable if you have the appropriate materials for this project. The following are some ways to set up a soundproof basement.  

Seal your ceiling 

Making a room soundproof is not entirely about keeping sounds in, but it also indicates keeping the sounds out. Because of this, sealing your ceiling is very important. If you do this, you won’t be able to hear footsteps from your homes upstairs. You will be needing proper insulation to make your basement ceiling soundproof.  

Insulate your walls 

The following step needed in soundproofing your basement is to add insulation to your entire walls. This would require more work since you need to take down all the drywall. To fill in the spaces between, you can utilize insulation rolls. You just need to staple them to the wood to cover the entire space with insulation. 

Hanging of drywall 

After insulating, it is the perfect time to conceal the openings using drywall. You will require drywall with a measurement of ½ up to 5/8 inch to conceal the whole area. Measure and then cut them into the required sheets. They have to fit evenly together. Then, fasten them in and conceal the seams using drywall tape. Before you start painting, you will need mud to sand it all out. After this step, it will basically help your room to become soundproof. But, if you want to take a step further, then check out the following additional steps. 

Install acoustic tile 

This step is basically another drywall’s layer. The key is to incorporate a dropped ceiling, which would need a framework. From the ceiling, measure about 12 in. and then many other times in various spaces of the wall.  

After every measurement, make sure that you make a line that marks where you will put the framework. Also, on the framework, you need to measure how far apart the holes are. Next, measure along the drawn lines, drill in the framework, and secure it in place using a screw all over the basement. 

After knowing how to make your basement soundproof, the following step would be changing your lower level. In this step, you can still attempt to do this alone or you can opt to employ expert contractors to help you out with the project. Hiring one can also assist you to know the material’s cost. 

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